Monday, May 19, 2008

Watching GMA7's "Sisid"

I just watched GMA7's news and public affairs underwater special entitled "Sisid", meaning "dive". It was a pleasurable trip to some of the country's natural underwater wonders, albeit through an electronic tube.

First to be featured was the diver's paradise of Tubattaha Reef. Minutes away from Puerto Princesa, the dive site revealed a rich biologically diversified ecosystem of underwater communities of corals and fish species. It surely shows why it deserves to be one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

My next favorite segment feature would be the visit to the Turtle Group of Islands in Tawi-tawi. Doc Ferds Recio, one the show's host, joined some mother Pawikans as they lay their eggs on hidden beach sands during the night and caught some baby Pawikans on cam during their way back to the sea in the morning. The show also featured Anilao diving sanctuaries and Taytay of Palawan. It reminded us of the Philippines' natural beauty and why we should preserve them.

The segments also revisited the island of Guimaras on how it is currently recovering from the oil spill tragedy 2 years ago. Manila Bay's weekly collected trash, enough to fill 3 dump trucks, did not escape the spotlight either. Thanks to the weekly coastal cleanup project of the Philippine Navy.

It surely made me want to travel again to the beach after my recent Caramoan trip. Alhough the rainy season seemed to be starting quite early. =(

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