Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Should I Audition for Survivor Philippines?

Pero pano kung sumikat ako? Can I handle the pressure of being a celebrity? =) Haha, just kidding.

Seriously now, I know I don't have the visual appeal of being a competitor on national tv but my inner self really wants to partake of the adventure. I never thought of myself actually joining a reality TV show and I have yet to finish any US series of the show either.

Nonetheless, after further considerations, I realized that I may be able to 'survive' at least the early auditions if not become part of the 16 castaways.(kahit 1 of the 5 alternates/reserves lng pede narin)

Here is a list of my 'surviving qualities/experiences' which may give me a chance:
  1) Being a freelancer, I have my time in my hands. I have a ready passport too! (Kasi hindi sa pinas ang shooting).
  2) I was a boyscout from first to third year in high school. This exposed me to learn essential knots (rope tying skills), camping, and basic survival skills in harsh conditions. (antagal na kaya nun!) =)
  3) I took Swimming, Self Defense and Arnis classes back in college. (huh?) =)
  4) I jog, play badminton and is an amateur surfer in La Union(started Jan 2007 - surFvivor) (so?)
  5) I am physically active in traveling around the Philippines since 2005 including Pagudpod, Vigan, Laoag, La Union, Batangas, Mindoro, Albay, Legaspi, Donsol, Camarines Sur, Naga, Pili, Coron, Palawan, Cagayan De Oro and Camiguin among others. (sige ito pede na) =)

So, should I audition for Survivor Philippines? I'll never know unless I try. Now I am ready to show the world audience what a Filipino survivor truly is. =) Survivor Philippines, here I come!


ayan said...

by all means..go..

Ed said...

Audition na! malay mo di ba? In-invite nga ako ng friend ko kaya wala ako nung ibang qualifications. Kaya mo yan! heheh

Jon said...

tnx Ayan & ed. post ako mamya kung ano nangyari/results. =)

bakit naman ed? lampas k na naman 18 ah. =)