Sunday, April 27, 2008

hOtSpOT eXPreSs: Cayangan Lake

Sometimes also referred to as Kayangan Lake, this beautiful lake is one of Coron Islands' well known spots. More than once recognized as the cleanest lake in the Philippines, it's underwater stalagmites-like structures and caves are even more majestic than the limestone walls surrounding it.

hOtSpOT eXPreSs

I'm introducing the start of 'hOtSpOT eXPreSs'. These will be single photo blogs followed by a brief description. It aims to provide a quick overview and stimulate the reader's excitement about the featured Philippine travel spot.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Caramoan's Pre-War Treasure Island

Formally known as Lahuy Island in Sitio Manlawi, it was once called the treasure island of the Caramoan peninsula. This was brought about by the fact that some parts of the island cove were mined for gold way before the second world war. However, current operations are now small-scale and limited.

This peaceful 10 kilometer long island of Caramoan boasts of white virgin beaches and friendly locals. But it came at a steep price. With 47 other adventurers/travelers, we had to endure almost 14 hrs of total travel time starting from the 10-hour bus travel from Manila to Sabang port, 2-hour boat ride to Guijalo port, 30-minute topload jeepney ride to Caramoan centro, and finally a 1-hour boat ride to the island cove itself.

We arrived early in the afternoon and enjoyed the clear high tide waters of the beach. Before the sun set, we set-up camp. The rest of the night was filled with merry-making...or should I say wild merry making. =) What can you expect from 48 young beach-deprived city dwellers encircling a bonfire while listening to the beats of their battery-powered Ipod speakers? =) It was clean fun nonetheless... and no one was hurt including the environment, mind you. =) Although I just have to mention that four short-lived rainfalls at dawn, sand, and tent does not mix well for a good night sleep.

We were greeted with a great weather in the morning. However, something is missing --the beach water! It has turned into dry land! Ok, I am just exaggerating, it just moved a couple of meters from shore and continued to do so until we left mid-day. Most of us had to walk about 300 meters just to get to our boat since the water level is now too shallow for docking. It was quite an experience walking on the seabed where we met some small crabs, several starfishes, and some flying/hopping fish. I'm not sure if they are indeed the "flying fishes" but they did jump out of the water a number of times as they flee from us.

And that's about our overnight stay in Lahuy Island of Caramoan. Here's some trivial facts about the municipality of Caramoan. It is one Camarines Sur's thirty-five municipalities in the province located on the eastern-most. It currently has at least 40,000 inhabitants. Other famous spots in the peninsula include Hunongan Cove, Gotang Malaki, Sabitan Laiya, and Gota Beach which is temporarily impenetrable and 'under development' while Survivor Asia is shooting for the months of April and May. =)

Thanks to the accommodating residents of Lahuy (who prepared our meals) and the friendly & playful children who gamely posed for photos.

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