Monday, May 26, 2008

I Did Not Survive

My apologies to all my supporters =), but I did not survive the auditions. The next paragraph will narrate how everything unfolded.

May 23, my cellphone alarm rung at 0400hrs and I arrived at SM Manila 0545. A crowd-filled walkway area of the mall's west side entrance greeted my sleepy eyes. I overheard that some guys were there as early 0130hrs. I initially estimated the crowd to be around 500. Joining an activity of such kind being my first, I got cold feet. "So this is how it feels lining up to audition for a TV show", I said to myself. It brought back some UP Diliman registration memories but this was different. Instead of having fellow students of about the same age, the crowd was a mix of all sorts. From teenagers to a lola with a walking cane at hand who probably maximized the qualifying age of 60. =) The long line of hopefuls(including me) came from all walks of life. There are guys who look like gym trainers (as expected) and there are also some who look like taho-vendors =) and everything in between.

The lady beside me, after some exchange of greetings, turned out to be a PBB season one top 30. She's trying her luck again. The lady after her is gambling for a second chance after having been declined the previous day. Dream, Believe, Survive, oops, iba pala yun. My fellow travel buddy and friend Jane came a few minutes later. The security guard made a head count where Jane & I turned out to be Survivor Wannabees No. 397 and 398. (quite good for my earlier estimate of 500, oh I will not forget that number) =)

Fast forward, the mall opened 10am and we were let in according to queue. The crowd is pretty much behaved and civilized, far from what I expected of such activities. We were let in the mall 1030 (At last - aircon!) and the audition proper started in a jiffy. The line was amazingly moving fast and we were in the pre-screening table by 1115. We felt that the process was rushed as the production team might already had reached their toll after two grueling days. My few seconds of chance to be part of my hoped adventure was concluded after the interviewer didn't find the surfer from La Union 'interesting' enough. At least, Jane made it to the 2nd level.

It turns out that they were looking for some emotional appeal from the applicants which I do not have. If only I knew, I would have put some drama to my storyline; perhaps as surfer from La Union who was a former drug addict and how he managed to battle the evils and 'survived' through it by instead focusing on sports - such as surfing. =)

Here are other realizations/theories from this experience Jane and I concocted:
1) Audition on the first day, so that in case you were declined, you can line up again the next day, if allowed (and desperate enough).
2) Audition on the first day because they might already be looking for a specific profile they haven't found during the previous audition days.
3) Audition on the first day when the interviewers are not yet tired and exasperated from hopefuls like you.
4) We now know better, so kitakits nalang sa season 2! Haha! (Leia/Tyx, sali na!)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Should I Audition for Survivor Philippines?

Pero pano kung sumikat ako? Can I handle the pressure of being a celebrity? =) Haha, just kidding.

Seriously now, I know I don't have the visual appeal of being a competitor on national tv but my inner self really wants to partake of the adventure. I never thought of myself actually joining a reality TV show and I have yet to finish any US series of the show either.

Nonetheless, after further considerations, I realized that I may be able to 'survive' at least the early auditions if not become part of the 16 castaways.(kahit 1 of the 5 alternates/reserves lng pede narin)

Here is a list of my 'surviving qualities/experiences' which may give me a chance:
  1) Being a freelancer, I have my time in my hands. I have a ready passport too! (Kasi hindi sa pinas ang shooting).
  2) I was a boyscout from first to third year in high school. This exposed me to learn essential knots (rope tying skills), camping, and basic survival skills in harsh conditions. (antagal na kaya nun!) =)
  3) I took Swimming, Self Defense and Arnis classes back in college. (huh?) =)
  4) I jog, play badminton and is an amateur surfer in La Union(started Jan 2007 - surFvivor) (so?)
  5) I am physically active in traveling around the Philippines since 2005 including Pagudpod, Vigan, Laoag, La Union, Batangas, Mindoro, Albay, Legaspi, Donsol, Camarines Sur, Naga, Pili, Coron, Palawan, Cagayan De Oro and Camiguin among others. (sige ito pede na) =)

So, should I audition for Survivor Philippines? I'll never know unless I try. Now I am ready to show the world audience what a Filipino survivor truly is. =) Survivor Philippines, here I come!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Watching GMA7's "Sisid"

I just watched GMA7's news and public affairs underwater special entitled "Sisid", meaning "dive". It was a pleasurable trip to some of the country's natural underwater wonders, albeit through an electronic tube.

First to be featured was the diver's paradise of Tubattaha Reef. Minutes away from Puerto Princesa, the dive site revealed a rich biologically diversified ecosystem of underwater communities of corals and fish species. It surely shows why it deserves to be one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

My next favorite segment feature would be the visit to the Turtle Group of Islands in Tawi-tawi. Doc Ferds Recio, one the show's host, joined some mother Pawikans as they lay their eggs on hidden beach sands during the night and caught some baby Pawikans on cam during their way back to the sea in the morning. The show also featured Anilao diving sanctuaries and Taytay of Palawan. It reminded us of the Philippines' natural beauty and why we should preserve them.

The segments also revisited the island of Guimaras on how it is currently recovering from the oil spill tragedy 2 years ago. Manila Bay's weekly collected trash, enough to fill 3 dump trucks, did not escape the spotlight either. Thanks to the weekly coastal cleanup project of the Philippine Navy.

It surely made me want to travel again to the beach after my recent Caramoan trip. Alhough the rainy season seemed to be starting quite early. =(

Thursday, May 15, 2008

From Piso to Zero!

Cebu Pacific is at it again! Form their renowned PISO fare now comes "ZERO comes before JUAN!". They're giving away 500,00 seats to international and local destinations from May 15-18,2008 or until it solds out. Travel period should be within June 9 to Dec 31 of the same year.

Tara na! Travel tayo (! Details? Click here.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

hOtSpOT eXPreSs: Virgin Resort - Laiya, Batangas

Virgin Resort in Laiya, Batangas. A good 3hrs away from Manila, the resort maintains its calm atmosphere by locating its rooms/lodging a good distance from the shore. Aptly named, the seemingly untouched beach leaves a feeling of solitutde and peace to the visitors.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Itchy Feet: Surfing in Baler

Fast Facts:
What: Travel Factor Surfvivor Baler
When: May 09-11
Where: Baler, Quezon
Why: to Surf the waves of Baler (even beginners are welcome)
Cost: 3,500/pax (15pax)
How: Roundtrip bus transfer (Manila-Baler-Manila)