Thursday, July 10, 2008

A 3D Journey

It's a night launch party but wear your sunglasses - 3D movie glasses, that is. SM Cinemas formally introduced their Cinema 1 at The Block as D-Cinema, the first true digital cinema in the Philippines as it uses digital technologies from production, post-prod, distribution, up to projection. The featured movie was Journey to the Center of the Earth starring Brendan Fraser - an action-and-CGI-effects-packed movie really fit for 3D projection.
D-Cinema vs IMAX
My fellow watchers said that IMAX's Screen is bigger vertically and more involving. D-Cinema is more like your regular cinemas plus the 3D and great surround sounds. The eyewear is not the red & blue film child-like toy.=) It's a plastic sunglass with a darker-shaded left lens. The 3D experience was great, together with the movie's engaging journey. It ended with a hint of a sequel. =)

The Block is part of SM City North Edsa. Regular showing of the mentioned movie starts July 10. They also had a previous soft launching with the movie Beowulf last November 14, 2007.
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