Wednesday, June 11, 2008

hOtSpOT eXPreSs: Urbiztondo Beach, La Union

Urbiztondo Beach can be found in San Juan, La Union. This beach is famous for its surfing friendly waves. Surfing season here starts on the month of August and lasts until March of the following year.


Jenn said...

Hi Jon!!!

Nice to see you kanina sa Italianni's event.

Anyway, I was just here last month. Siguro in the coming days, I will blog about it, too! Dami pang backlogs. Hahahaha!

Pa-send ng copy ng pic natin ha? Thanks!

FINCH said...

pretty impressive

Jon said...

@jenn-same here. =) what's ue email addr?

@finch- 'impressive' - the pic or the place? =)