Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Three Auras of Bangui Wind Mills

Wonder why it's windy in Ilocos Norte? How about having 15 giant fans each about 70 meters high?

Seriously now, the Bangui Wind Mills of Ilocos Norte was built to generate clean energy from wind power. Aside from providing electricity in the local area, it stores power for the main station which in turn supplies some provincial substations.

They are actually wind turbines situated about 326 meters apart along the 3km stretch of Bangui bay. A little more than an hour from Laoag, visiting this wind farm in Bangui and seeing the gigantic fans would leave you in awe. You would feel like Regine Velasquez waving by the shoreline with the sea wind blowing against your face and flowing through your long hair while the wind mills are behind you; just like in the Department of Tourism TV commercial. =)


Having visited the place in three different times of day somewhat gave me an authority to suggest that it is most picturesque at sunset. My first visit was on a sun-scorching noontime of April 2 in 2007. We didn’t mind the angry sun while we were beside the white 'electric fans' taking jump shots.


8 months later, together with a bus load of photographers, we made sure to wake up very early in the morning to catch the sunrise. It was freezing cold but we were at the site before daybreak.


In the third recent visit, again as a tour guide, we hurried the day's itinerary to capture the sunset. However, the sky turned dark along the way, as if warning of a forthcoming rain. Nonetheless, we were glad that the set of rain clouds were on the other side of the horizon when we reached the site. With strong winds and sandblasted digital cameras, we froze the giants’ blades and the colorful hues of the late afternoon sky behind them.

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cedsaid said...

Nice photos Jonel!
Galing ng sunset sa Bangui!

Link ko blog mo ha.

Elaine said...

Ey, I didn't know there were wind mills in Ilocos Norte pala. Interesting article and great pics!

Jon said...

tnx elaine. r u also the elaine of =)

Jon said...

wait...wait...wrong comment should be for the 'Caramoan' post. hmmm...