Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2007, A Year of Firsts

Whew! 2007 was surely a blast in terms of travels and new places I've been to. It sure surpassed 2006.

January started with surfing in La Union. A first for me. Followed by my first plane ride to Cagayan De Oro! It was my first to be in Mindanao Island too. And since it was very near Camiguin island, who would let it pass!

If I have conquered the north on the third month of the year, the north followed in the next. April started with a trip to Ilocos Norte's Pagupod and Ilocos Sur's Vigan and Laoag. My first in the northern part of the Philippines.

As embarrassing as it is for me to admit, I have not been to Baguio, the Philippine's summer capital. But that became a fable until May of 2007. I treated a small set of my close relatives to Baguio!

The rest of the year was filled with repeat trips. I endured the 6hr La Union van trip at least four times. It was worth it anyway. Another was the Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpod trip. I never thought I would go here again in a short while, but I did. =)

It was capped by a December zoo visit by the name of Avilon and the nearby historic site Wawa Dam in Montalban, Rizal as well.

These are just the tips of the iceberg. See the specific blogs about them in the coming weeks.

Goodbye 2007, welcome 2008!

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